Thursday, August 24, 2006

Complete Trial Notes from the Dean Zimmermann Trial

Detailed notes of all 8 days of the trial and more at the Minneapolis Confidential Blog.

Citizens of 16b should take the time to learn about this case.

Representative Mark Olson worked closely with Dean Zimmermann, now a convicted felon awaiting sentencing.

Mark Olson needs to explain why he worked closely with Zimmermann to make the taxpayers of Minnesota pay for their PRT boondoggle. Mark Olson who has a link to the Taxi 2000 Corporation on his campaign web site, needs to divulge whether anyone close to him or to Dean Zimmermann held stock in the Taxi 2000 Corporation and therefore could benefit financially from the sale of that stock if Olson's PRT bills would have been approved by the Minnesota Legislature.

The media which published and broadcast many stories on the Personal Rapid Transit scam need to investigate Olson's role in it.

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