Friday, July 28, 2006

Message to the Greens From Taxi 2000 CEO

Somebody sent me this message forwarded to the Minneosta Green Party list by a Green PRTista:

The Ed Anderson era at Taxi 2000 is over. Ed felt that PRT is a superior technology to LRT and other forms of transit. It is his opinion and he has right to it. From my perspective, I believe that PRT and LRT can be complimentary technologies. However, PRT has to prove itself by moving beyond concept to reality. That is the path that Taxi 2000 is currently on. We are about to move forward with a project and will let the results of this
effort speak for us. I' not interested in attaching any ones character based on the positions they hold. I would expect that when facts create an outcome, we can embrace them and expand our view of what is doable. Until then maybe even Ken Avidor can restrain his "ad hominem" comments about me and Taxi 2000. Thanks for including me in your discussion. Morrie.

A few interesting points about that message;

1) Morrie Anderson isn't going to score any points with the hardline PRTistas unless he says LRT is a "19th Century technology" or the tool of Satan or something like that.

2) The hardline PRTistas insist that PRT is more than a concept. They say PRT has nothing to prove.

3) I can't recall making "ad hominem comments" (personal attacks) about Morrie Anderson. Perhaps Morrie Anderson is confusing me with J. Edward Anderson who called the current CEO of Taxi 2000 a "liar , deceiver and slanderer".

4) If Taxi 2000 is planning a new project, why doesn't it say so on the Taxi 2000 web site? Where are the press releases?

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