Sunday, July 30, 2006

More Personal Rapid Transit Wackiness

While they destroyed the ecology that sustained them, the Easter Islanders hewed enormous stone heads and dragged them miles to ceremonial sites. The stone heads remain, but the civilization that created them is extinct .

In present-day America men build gadget transportation models in their suburban garages and drag them to City Hall parking lots like this wacky Minnesota gadgetbhaner.

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The J-POD web site is loads of fun. I especially liked the letters of support from Hennepin County Comissioner Mark Stenglein and Minneapolis Council President Barbara Johnson.

But one outspoken gadgetbahner disagrees:

Hello BillJamesMN. I don't believe that JPods or Personal automated mobility are worthy of Wikipedia articles. I did a Google search on "personal automated mobility" and got zero results, so this does not seem to be a common term. Also, JPods has been added and deleted at least a few times, and I can almost guarantee this latest version will get deleted too; see this note for a nice explanation of why it keeps getting deleted.
A Google search on JPods seems to return nothing meaningful except the JPods website, which contains very few details about the project. It seems to be a very immature concept at this point. But I may have missed something, so if there are reliable sources of detailed information on JPods, please point me to them. If reliable sources exist then maybe a short note on JPods could be added to the main PRT article. A Transportation Enthusiast 03:41, 30 July 2006

Why does A.T.E. stand in the way of innovation?

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